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    Average MEM airfare has dropped by $93 since 2012
    Friday, January 8, 2016

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (January 8, 2016) – Statistics released today by the Department of Transportation show that the average airfare at Memphis International Airport (MEM) has dropped by more than $93 since 2012.

    The report released passenger and fare data from the second quarter of 2015, and MEM’s average round trip fare was $418.70 compared to $511.93 in 2012. Once ranked as the airport with the highest average fares during its hub era, MEM now ranks 30th out of the top 100. The fares also reflect a downward trend for average fare at MEM: 2nd quarter figures for the past four years were $511.93 (2012), $476.37 (2013) and $466.05 (2014).
    Scott Brockman, President and CEO of the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority, said, “This is very positive news for the Memphis community. What we’re seeing here is the effect of competition and an influx of low cost air carriers that are helping to make flights more affordable. While the airport does not set airfares, we can help to positively impact them by adding competition.”

    MEM had 12 new flight announcements and added three new airlines in 2015, and made its first new service announcement of 2016 on January 7.
    Additional information is available at the DOT website:

    Average Fares by Airport

    2nd Quarter Data

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