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    Strategic Overview offers vision for MEM’s future
    Monday, November 2, 2015

    Strategic Overview offers vision for MEM’s future

    MEMPHIS, TENN. (November 2, 2015) – The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority (MSCAA) has released a new Strategic Overview -- a focused, comprehensive plan for the future of Memphis International Airport (MEM) that will act as a road map for the next five years, ensuring improvement across all facets of the Airport’s operations.

    The plan provides overviews of eight different areas: Airfield, Physical/Terminal, Air Service, Communications and Reputation, Business Model/Finance, Properties/Cargo, Environment, and Employee Wellness & Satisfaction. These overviews include one-, three- and five-year goals for these areas.

    “While not all-inclusive, this Strategic Overview identifies broad goals spanning the major areas of our extensive and far-reaching business,” said Scott A. Brockman, MSCAA president and CEO. “The Airport Authority has entered a new era of transparency. We want the public to know that we have a sound plan for the future. The airport’s new slogan sums up our Strategic Overview perfectly: ‘We know where we’re going. Take off with us.’”

    The 23-page overview was created as a ‘living’ document, meaning the plan may be updated as necessary to recognize advancements, new opportunities and any unforeseen changes, Brockman added.

    “MEM is currently transitioning from serving as an airline transfer hub to an origin and destination passenger airport,” said MSCAA Chairman Pace Cooper. “This transition will not only usher in a new era for passengers, it will mean significant changes to the airport’s operations going forward. We are committed to going above and beyond the expectations of our community, passengers and business partners, and this overview outlines the plan for honoring that commitment.”

    Highlights of the Strategic Overview include:

    • The Airport’s mission, vision, guiding principles and core competencies
    • Goals and opportunities for improving and increasing commercial air service
    • Specific action items that will be taken to upgrade and modernize facilities
    • Outline for moving the airport’s environmental efforts forward through 2020
    • Short- and long-term goals for cargo operations, grounds leasing and development
    • Outline of ongoing and planned airfield improvements (runways, aprons, roads, etc.)
    • Communications and marketing strategy

    The Strategic Overview can be found online at http://www.flymemphis.com/strategic-overview.

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