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    Memphis airport continues modernization efforts - construction begins to remove south end of a concourse
    Thursday, November 20, 2014

    MEMPHIS, TN (November 20, 2014) The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority (MSCAA) is continuing with its modernization efforts, as construction is now underway to remove the south end of the A Concourse. One of the initial steps in what will be a multi-year, multi-phased plan, the removal of the south ends of the A and C Concourses will allow unobstructed aircraft access to all gates on the B Concourse after airline operations are consolidated into B.

    The current concourse design only allows for one-way aircraft traffic to and from the courtyard areas of the B Concourse (The attached graphics illustrate how the removal of the south ends of A and C will solve this issue). Most of the A and C Concourses will be left intact. Though the concourses will close after consolidation to Concourse B is complete in 2015, the Airport Authority currently plans to retain about 20 gates on A and C for future expansion.

    The demolition of the south end of the A Concourse is expected to be completed in early 2015. During this phase of the project, certain gates on the west side of the B concourse will remain closed. These include Gates B 1, 3, 5, 7, and 27-41. Demolition to remove the south end of Concourse C is expected to begin in late summer 2015. All airlines and concessions are expected to be operating on the B Concourse by late 2015.

    Announced in February, the Concourse Modernization plan includes consolidating airline, food and beverage, and retail concessions into the B Concourse as well as improvements such as additional moving walkways, wider corridors, larger boarding areas, more passenger seating, higher ceilings and increased natural lighting. The entire project will take an estimated 5-7 years to complete.

    “This is an important step toward the reinvention of the Memphis Airport,” said Scott Brockman, MSCAA President and CEO. “Our Concourse Modernization program will increase convenience for our passengers and better passenger flow for our airlines, retail vendors and restaurants. More importantly, we’re going to modernize the B Concourse, giving our passengers more room to move and better lighting.

    Please visit www.flymemphis.com for more information about the project, including a presentation, photos, frequently asked questions and a video simulation of the finished modernized B Concourse.

    Memphis International Airport Concourse Modernization Summary

    Removal of South Ends of A and C Concourses

    • The airport will remove the south ends of the A and C Concourses to eliminate potential traffic barriers to aircraft operating out of the B concourse.

    Consolidation of Airlines/Concessions into the B Concourse

    • Airline flight operations will be consolidated into the B concourse.
    • Currently, Delta Air Lines operates out of the B Concourse. Southwest Airlines operates out of the A Concourse, while American Airlines/ US Airways, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines operate out of the C Concourse.
    • Ticketing/check-in will continue in A, B and C.
    • Baggage claim for all airlines will be consolidated into the B baggage area, though the A and C baggage areas will still be open for entrance and exit.
    • Security screening will primarily be consolidated to B, though a second security checkpoint at C will also be available during periods of heavy traffic.
    • Remaining gates on the A and C Concourses will be closed but retained for future use.
    • About 60 gates will remain available to accommodate future growth.
    • Concessions in the A and C Concourses will be moved to B, giving them greater exposure to concentrated numbers of passengers.

    Enhancements to B Concourse

    • Corridors and airline gate/boarding areas in the B Concourse will be widened to give passengers more room as they move to and from gates and wait to board.
    • Moving walkways will be installed.
    • Ceilings will be raised and windows will be added, creating more space and more natural lighting.
    • New electronic flight information displays will be installed that include flight arrival and departure times for all airlines.
    • The airport will also perform seismic upgrades during the construction.

    Construction Timeline and Budget

    • The project is expected to total approximately $114 million in capital costs, and the Airport Authority does not anticipate that this will require the issuance of any additional general airport revenue bond debt.
    • The project will not affect airfares.
    • The three-phase modernization of the B Concourse is expected to begin in 2016 and is expected to be completed by 2020.
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