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    Jack Sammons to chair Memphis Airport Authority
    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    Andy Ashby, Staff writer- Memphis Business Journal


    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority board has picked Jack Sammons as its new chairman.

    Sammons will serve out the remainder of Arnold Perl's term which lasts through 2016. Perl unexpectedly resigned at the authority's December meeting.

    Board commissioner Jon Thompson nominated Sammons while board commissioner John Stokes nominated board co-chair Herb Hilliard. Hilliard declined the nomination.

    Before the chairman vote, the airport authority board voted to limit chairmanship to a five-year term.

    Chairmen can complete a partial term and still be elected for five-year term. They can also take a term off and be voted in for another five years.

    The airport authority has only had three chairmen in its history. Perl served as board chairman for 16 years and spent more than 30 years on the board.

    The meeting — which Perl did not attend — started with the board recognizing president and CEO Larry Cox’s 40 years at the airport. Cox is retiring in mid-2014.

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