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HMSHost & the Warriors Center

HMSHost donates hundreds of pounds of food to help feed veterans every week

warrior donationEvery week MEM restaurateur HMSHost donates up to 400 pounds of high quality, unsold food items to benefit the Warriors Center in Memphis, a local charity that helps homeless veterans get back on their feet by providing long-term housing and work programs.

“Each day we are part of feeding anyone in need here in Memphis and the surrounding area through the Warriors Center,” said Roger Rice, HMSHost Director of Operations at MEM. “This is an extremely important program for HMSHost and we are proud to be part of it here in Memphis.”

With HMSHost airport program donating 750 meals per month, the Warriors Center is receiving more than one meal every hour of every day.

The program is part of the Food to Donate program, which helps feed people nationwide by linking HMSHost operations across the country to local charities that have a use and need for donated food.

HMSHost designs, owns and operates restaurants in 114 airports across the world.