Memphis International Airport: Concourse Modernization
The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority (MSCAA) is embarking on a new plan to modernize Concourse B at Memphis International Airport (MEM).

The multiphase plan includes the addition of moving walkways, wider corridors, larger boarding areas, higher ceilings and natural lighting, and it will consolidate airline, retail, and food and beverage operations.

  • Current: 2014-2015 Removing the ends of Concourses A and C will allow planes to taxi more efficiently and position the airport for future growth.

  • Phase 2: 2015-2020 Widening Concourse B will allow for more open pathways, moving sidewalks and natural lighting from taller windows and ceilings.

  • Completed Modernization An artist’s rendering of Concourse B shows the additional skylights and consolidated concourse for concessions and passenger information.

  • Q: How will this benefit passengers? A: Airport passengers will benefit in a number of ways from the concourse modernization at Memphis International Airport (MEM). Gates will no longer be spread out across three concourses – they will be consolidated into one. Travelers will have more access to concessionaires since these businesses will all be located in the B Concourse. There will be more room to move through the widened corridors and larger boarding areas, more lighting from added windows and taller ceilings, and enhanced customer service via the addition of moving walkways. In addition, we will install new flight information displays that include up-to-date flight information for all airlines serving MEM.
  • Q: When will this begin? A: The project will begin in 2014. The airport will conduct a bidding process for the removal of the south ends of the A and C concourses. The removal of the south end of the A Concourse should begin in 2014, and the removal of the south end of the C Concourse is scheduled to start in 2015. Relocation of the airlines will begin in 2015. The B Concourse modernization is scheduled to begin in 2016. Another project that affects these timelines is the apron reconstruction project, which essentially involves the replacement of aging concrete, outside of the B Concourse, that serve as a parking area for arriving and departing aircraft. The second of three phases in the apron reconstruction is in progress and the final phase will begin in 2014.
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