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In-Airport Advertising

At MEM, we’re committed to ensuring a “Positively MEMorable” travel experience for our passengers. You can be part of that travel experience by promoting your business at MEM. A wide variety of advertising display shapes, sizes and locations are available throughout the airport, including phone boards, backlit dioramas, and outdoor shelters. In the future, many of our locations will be converted to digital displays, giving you the option to frequently change your message.

Types of Advertising
MSCAA offers a variety of types of displays and price packages to accommodate your advertising needs.

These options include:

  • Backlit Dioramas
  • Corporate Showcase
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Phone Boards
  • Luggage Carts
  • Vehicle Displays
  • Column Wraps
  • Exterior Displays

Areas that feature advertising include: 

  • Ticketing lobbies
  • Baggage Claim
  • Ground Transportation Center (parking garage)
  • Concourses
  • Escalator Areas
  • Outdoor Shelters

For information about consumer demographics, pricing and other details, contact the MEM Properties Division at (901) 922-8558 or at advertising@flymemphis.com.