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Arts in the Airport 2023

Arts in the Airport Arts in the Airport 2023

16th Annual High School Visual Arts and Photography Competition / Exhibition

Latest News

Congratulations to this year’s finalists! The competition was stronger than ever this year, with a total of 163 entries for paintings and another 116 photography entries.

Painting finalists can pick up their art kits at the Art Center at 1636 Union Ave. from March 6-10. Final entries are due on April 21.

CityCurrent is once again producing a TV show for the contest, and is interested in interviewing students and teachers for the show. You can find out more and fill out a contest interview submission form: at: https://citycurrent.com/arts-in-the-airport/

Paintings (46 finalists, alphabetical by last name)

  • Brody Allen, Arlington High School: “I’m Terribly Late”
  • Yami Barbosa, Arlington High School: “Mindfulness”
  • Allison Boehler, Collierville High School: “Memphis Park Memories”
  • Rebekah Butler, White Station High School: “A Morant Montage”
  • Moss Butterfield, Houston High School: “Beale Street Beats”
  • Shelby Byrd, Arlington High School: “Memphis on the Brain”
  • Kaysee Calderon, Germantown High School: “Industrial Snow”
  • Vivian Chavarria, Collegiate School of Memphis: “Bailando Juntos”
  • Leah Cole, Arlington High School: “Out the Ear, on the Field”
  • Sophie Crider, Houston High School: “Nine Dough One”
  • Meredith Dai, Collierville High School: “Sun Studios Guitar”
  • Vibha Duraikkannan, Collierville High School: “We are Memphis”
  • Maura Farney, Arlington High School: “Under the Lights at Crosstown”
  • Jalyn Fitzgerald, Germantown High School: “Untitled”
  • Raven Fletcher, Collierville High School: “Love and Happiness”
  • Leah Haggitt, White Station High School: “Port Memphis”
  • Chloe Hall, Arlington High School: “Those Memphis Blues”
  • Conner Hall, Arlington High School: “A Wild Night in Memphis”
  • Meg He, Collierville High School: “Peabody Ducks Enjoy a Snack”
  • Whitney Hernandez, Collegiate School of Memphis: “National Civil Rights Museum”
  • Lauren Hobson, White Station High School: “Snowden’s Angel”
  • Lynn Hui, Collierville High School: “Into Overton”
  • Madison Garland, Collierville High School: “BB King”
  • Stephanie Johnson, Craigmont High School: “A Raisin in the Sun”
  • Aniya Jones, White Station High School: “What’s Happening at the Arcade”
  • Mia King, Collierville High School: “Project Duck”
  • Danielle Klocke, Collierville High School: “The Blues”
  • Shaylee Kurzawski, Collierville High School: “Memphis Orpheum”
  • Alexis Lin, Collierville High School: “Botanical Garden”
  • Aly Lovelace, Collierville High School: “Our City, Our View”
  • Marcela Moreno-Flores, The Collegiate School of Memphis, “Francesa and Buttercup”
  • Eve Page, Houston High School: “Tyre Nichols”
  • Joy Park, Collierville High School: “In the Airport”
  • Emily Richarde, Arlington High School: “View from Above”
  • Colbie Robinson, Ridgeway High School: “Presley on Stage”
  • Priyanka Rodrigues, White Station High School: “The Arch of Overton Park”
  • Erinn Sheridan, Arlington High School: “Walking Down Beale”
  • Kenzie Slakans, Collierville High School: “The River’s Secret Spot”
  • Addison Smith, Houston High School: “Rock ’n Rolling on the River”
  • Lucy Smith, Houston High School: “Blues Bear”
  • Angelina Tan, Germantown High School: “Impressions on Beale”
  • Lily Grace Wamble, Houston High School: “Trolley Problem”
  • Cailyn White, Arlington High School: “My Memphis”
  • Ravi Wijeratne, Houston High School: “A View from the River”
  • Norma Zamarron, Collegiate School of Memphis: “The Life of Dance”

Photography (41 finalists, alphabetical by last name)

  • Layan Abdelhamid, Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy: “Afternoon in the Park”
  • Tamara Akridge, Bartlett High School: “Poplar Star”
  • Luke Anderson, Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy: “From the Lookout”
  • Chyna Cherry, City University School of Liberal Arts: “Backyard View”
  • Joey Eddins, Christian Brothers High School: “Goodbye”
  • Evan Green, White Station High School: “Parade on Beale”
  • Hunter Greer, Bartlett High School: “Memphis Music”
  • Gracen Groves, Christian Brothers High School: “Elvi”
  • Deadrick Guy, City University School of Liberal Arts: “Puppy Love”
  • Tylar Hampton, Bartlett High School: “Sundown Over the Bridge”
  • Cannon Haney, Christian Brothers High School, “Shell at Dusk”
  • Jack Johnson, Christian Brothers High School: “Evergreen Ghost”
  • Tristian Johnson, Christian Brothers High School: “Distance”
  • Hayveen Jones, Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy: “Choices”
  • Kameron Jordan, Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy: “Gloomy Memphis”
  • Kayla Kahler, Bartlett High School: “The Old Heart of Memphis”
  • Max Kiser, Christian Brothers High School: “Memphis Horizon”
  • Braden Lemonds, Bartlett High School: “Shelby Farms Afternoon”
  • Sierra Matthews, Bartlett High School: “Before the Party Begins”
  • Jude Maurette, Christian Brothers High School: “Majestic Memphis”
  • Jessie Morales, Christian Brothers High School: “Team Spirit”
  • Samuel Morris, Bartlett High School: “Beauty on Beale”
  • Miley Myrick, Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy: “Welcome to Memphis”
  • Isabella Null, Bartlett High School: “I Am A Man”
  • Nigel Pruitt, Christian Brothers High School, “The Sun”
  • Santeria Rhyan, Craigmont High School: “Where Blues Meets Beale”
  • John Riley, Christian Brothers High School: “Don’t Stop”
  • Nicholas Russell, Bartlett High School: “A Crosstown Christmas”
  • Tanner Rye, Bartlett High School: “Pinch District”
  • Ira Sharma, White Station High School: “Memphis Bridge and Barge”
  • Samuel Shiberou, White Station High School: “Tranquility”
  • Ignatius Smout, Christian Brothers High School, “Big Memphis”
  • Bailey Sullivan, Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy: “Memphis Library”
  • Madelynn Thompson, Bartlett High School: “I Am A Man”
  • Jannie Torres, Overton High School: “Memphis After Dark”
  • Dahlia Townley-Bakewell, White Station High School: “The Shell Far from the Seashore”
  • Ann Truong, Germantown High School: “Bicycle fr fr”
  • Jekiya Udell, Craigmont High School: “Murals of Memphis”
  • John Weakley, Christian Brothers High School: “Looking at the Lens”
  • Amera Williams, City University School of Liberal Arts: “Westwood”
  • Szanaa Williams, Central High School: “Roxie’s Grocery”
  • Ben Wills, Christian Brothers High School: “Walking in a Memphis Wonderland”

Important Dates

  • March 6-10: Art Center Kit Pick-Up for Paintings (pick up location is the Art Center at 1636 Union Ave.). The canvas size this year is 30″ x 40″ for paintings.
  • April 21: Final Exhibition Painting Delivery and Photo Submission (selected finalists)
  • April 24-28: Finals Judging
  • May 4: Arts in the Airport Event and Winners Announcement

View the 2022 Arts in the Airport winners: Paintings / Photography

Rules and Regulations

Theme – Painting and Photography:

All visual art and photography pieces presented for submission must contain iconic/historic images which are symbolic of the city of Memphis, including replicas representative of Memphis’ heritage, i.e. blues/jazz/bluegrass music, famous native Memphians, Beale St., downtown Main St. Trolley cars, etc.

Visual Interpretation – Painting and Photography:

It is one of our main goals through this program to provide students with general theme guidelines, while also allowing their creativity and vision to capture the true spirit of our great city of Memphis. We encourage each student to incorporate technical aspects in their submissions, including abstractions, array of colors, lighting, composition, landscapes, environments, etc. Be creative!

Number of Entries Per Student:

Each student will be allowed ONE entry, or if they so choose, are allowed ONE entry into each category for this competition, i.e. one painting, and one photograph. Student entry forms MUST include student name and title of painting/photo in the title, but not the school. For example: “Joe Smith – Memphis Sounds.” In addition, entry forms must be submitted in Word or PDF format.


Each contestant will need to submit a digital sample of their artwork. The recommended size for preliminary artwork is a 12” x 16” on non-matte canvas or sketch paper (heavy stock). Additionally, each student is allowed to incorporate textiles/materials into their artwork. Submissions can be sent to arts@flymemphis.com. Final artwork should be on a 30″ x 40″ canvas. Student submissions MUST include student name and title of the painting, but not the school. For example: “Joe Smith – Memphis Sounds.”  


Each contestant can submit a high resolution photo to arts@flymemphis.com. The judges will be looking for authenticity and originality as it relates to the overall sample. We encourage each student to avoid filters unless the filter assists in the overall vision. Student submissions MUST include student name and title of the photograph, but not the school. For example: “Joe Smith – Memphis Sounds.”  


Final selections may be reproduced for the sole purpose of raising funds for the Memphis International Airport Community Foundation to help purchase the necessary art supplies for the contest. Should the artwork be purchased, any monies collected from this transaction shall be remitted to the student artist.

Sold/Unsold Art:

All pieces sold during the one-year exhibition will be delivered to the respective buyers, and all remaining selections will be returned to the original artist (Date may vary, but approximately May 2023).