Construction at MEM

Construction at MEM

There’s rarely a time at Memphis International Airport (MEM) when there’s not some sort of construction going on, but the current activity is quite unprecedented, with approximately $500 million dollars in various projects current taking place. MEM receives no local tax revenue for any of these projects.

Here’s a recap of our latest construction activity, all of which is creating a new future for MEM, its passengers, and its tenants.

Concourse B Modernization

The B Concourse modernization project continues to progress, with demolition work recently completed. This stage consisted of removing the concourse level (i.e. roof, walls, flooring, etc.) of the Concourse B stem and southeast leg. Currently, cranes are setting structural steel, which will serve as the “skeleton” or framework for the new concourse design. At the same time, construction crews are in the process of completing underground utility work and a new roof has been installed on the Rotunda area. Work continues on the mechanical systems above the ceilings in the Rotunda, as well as structural retrofits of the existing structure along with foundations for the new structure that will allow increased width and height.  

Approximately 50 feet of apron pavement around the building was removed to allow for the new building structure. The project is scheduled for completion in early 2021. See more about the reinvention of the MEM travel experience here!


Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC)

MEM’s new CONRAC facility opened in June 2019. This facility provides for fleet maintenance and storage of vehicles used at the rental car center. It’s important to note that this is not a public facility, and the rental car offices and return areas will remain in their current locations. Instead, the CONRAC facility allows for more efficient rental car operations by providing a central area for these vendors to perform tasks such as warranty repairs and minor maintenance (rotate/balance tires, oil changes, etc.), and prep new vehicles during fleet changes.  Having a CONRAC in close proximity to the terminal allows the rental car companies to quickly “turn” vehicles that require any routine or scheduled maintenance. It also allows the companies to quickly provide vehicles to the Rental Car Center when the ready lots have limited availability of vehicles. The new CONRAC provides close to a million square feet of space to the rental car companies for their maintenance and fleet storage operations. 

Airfield Maintenance and Warehouse Facility

Construction is underway for the new Airfield Maintenance and Warehouse Facility. The major sitework items are completed and the contractor is now working on the building. The project is expected to be completed in early 2020. The facility will house the Airport Authority’s airfield maintenance area, Memphis Airport Police, Communications Dispatch, Operations staff, and Procurement staff along with the warehouse. The facility will also serve as a base for emergency and snow operations.

Consolidated Deicing Facility (Phase I)

Construction on Phase I of the Consolidated Deicing Facility (CDF) Project is currently underway. The Consolidated Deicing Facility will provide airlines with a centralized location to perform their de-icing operations during winter weather. Phase I involves the relocation of Louis Carruthers Road and the construction of two taxiway bridges and one vehicle bridge. The bridges will allow for aircraft and vehicle connection between runways at MEM, which is necessary for the Consolidated Deicing Facility operation. The major sitework items are complete and the construction has begun on bridge structures. The Phase I is scheduled to be completed in late 2019. Phase II construction, which consists of the deicing pads and associated infrastructure is expected to start in early 2020, with an overall targeted project completion date in 2022. 

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